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There is a class in ./app/models/foo.rb which is initialized in ./config/initializers/foo.rb with something like Foo.items = YAML.load_file "foo.yml". When some other file is modified foo.rb is reloaded and items are lost obviously. What is the preferred way to deal with this problem?

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Why do you seed data through an initializer? Why don't you just create a rake task for that? – 23tux Dec 12 '12 at 22:02

The answer can be found in this answer.

Essentially, wrap your configuration in a to_prepare block:

Rails.application.config.to_prepare do
  Foo.items = YAML.load_file "foo.yml"
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I'm not sure what the exact scenario is that is happening, but here's a guess: does Foo's definition initialize items with something empty? Perhaps don't do this.

It would help if you showed us some code.

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