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TL;DR Hello, is there any way to get wordpress the_permalink on script something like echo and load it on jquery with working on all posts separately?

Long version: Hello, In wordpress I'm trying to make my posts look like image thumbnail and when I hover over them it shows the title and category of the post. And how i'm doing that is when i hover the div that has image_thumb .show script runs. I want it to make like when i click on any place of the image it goes to the post link. and when i click on the category it goes to category. since i cannot use another link inside link. i made the imagethumb div go to links with ".click function" but i can't use because java cant directly run php. So is there anyway i can get the correct link maybe like echoed somewhere and get the link and load it?

here's my jquery:

    window.location = '<?php the_permalink(); ?>';
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There should be more elegant solution, but a quick roundup is to use server-side code to export your required link as a "data-blablah" attribute of this div, then use jQuery to catch it.

For example, a link may look like <a href="original/path" title="blah" class="select" data-permanlink="wanted/path">

Then you can use jQuery to catch this attribute and header to it, something like this:

    var newlink = this.attr('data-permanlink')
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thanks :) i ended up making the site with no grid view so there is no need for it. but thanks :) –  Enkhtuvshin Dec 14 '12 at 18:12
My pleasure. That's nice. Better to build something in convention :) –  Billy Chan Dec 14 '12 at 18:27

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