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For this example, I've defined the following class, which is saved inside an SQLite database:

[SQLite.AutoIncrement, SQLite.PrimaryKey, SQLite.Indexed]
public int ID { get; set; }
public string ImageName { get; set; }

I'm using the insert command supplied with sqlite-net, and it works:

SQLiteAsyncConnection CurrentConnection = new SQLiteAsyncConnection("DB");
int result = await CurrentConnection.InsertAsync(this);

Afterwards, I'm trying to select data from the SQLite DB.

List<Image> result = new List<Image>();
if (ImageName != null)
    query = CurrentConnection.Table<Image>().Where(i => i.ImageName == ImageName);
    result = await query.ToListAsync();
if (ID != null && ID > 0)
    query = CurrentConnection.Table<Image>().Where(i => i.ID == ID);
    result = await query.ToListAsync();
if (result.Count > 0)

When selecting by ImageName, all works well and I get the results I need. However, when trying to select by ID, no results are selected.

I know the image with the given ID exists since I've just inserted it and checked the ID afterwards, but for some reason this just does not work.

Am I completely blind and missed a small letter here? Has anyone used SQLite-net to try and select by Primary key?


Also tried this, which did not work:

var query1 = await CurrentConnection.QueryAsync<Image>("select * from Image where ID = ?", ID);
if (query1.Count > 0)

//edit 2

I've got a bit of a hunch on this - when I insert the image, the ID does get set to some ID, however when I select all the images in the DB, all of them have an ID of 0.

Any idea on why this could happen?

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I think your problem might be with AutoIncrement attribute for your class. Try removing the AutoIncrement attribute and see, if you can find the image by id.

I think what's happening is that the AutoIncrement attribute is setting the Id, overriding the id you create.

For Example

Let's say you create an instance of your MyImage with:

MyImage i = new MyImage() { Id=5, ImageName="imageName"}

When you run,CurrentConnection.InsertAsync(i) (on an empty table), the entry inserted to the database has ID 1, not 5.

Hope that helped

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Thanks for the suggestion, However I do not set the ID manually - I let the Insert row do that for me. After I insert, the ID property changes to the ID that SQLite gave it. That's how I know I'm not overwriting the entry again. Moreover, if I select by ImageName, I get the entry I want. – jbkkd Dec 15 '12 at 13:33
I created a simple example following your class and syntax SampleLink. I was able to succesfully retrieve the iamge by its Id and Name. Not sure it matters, but I I used a console project with sqlite version (3071500) and sqlite-net(1.0.5). – isis01 Dec 15 '12 at 23:08
Versions could have an affect, as well as the fact that I'm using a Windows 8 application. I'll check if I have the same versions – jbkkd Dec 16 '12 at 11:33
I've got a bit of a hunch on this - when I insert the image, the ID does get set to some ID, however when I select all the images in the DB, all of them have an ID of 0. – jbkkd Dec 18 '12 at 21:02

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