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An Adorner is defined over part of an Image. The required behavior is as follows:

  1. When the mouse is over the image area, including the Adorner area, the Adorner appears.
  2. When the mouse leaves the image and Adorner area, the Adorner dissapears.
  3. Adorner appearing and disappearing is to be through a fade in / out animation, accordingly.
  4. A click on the Adorner area must raise event AdornerClicked
  5. A click on the area over the Image which is not hidden by the adorner, must rais ImageClicked.

A naive implementation

Attach an animation on the Adorner opacity on the Image's MouseEnter and MouseLeave events, and attach Click events for each. This however causes the Adorner to disappear when the mouse is directly above it (as a MouseLeave is triggered on the Image below), violating requirement number 1.

A possible amendment to the naive implementation is to set IsHitTestVisible=false on the Adorner. However, no clicks are then captured by the Adorner, violating requirement number 4.

What is the correct pattern which will fulfill the requirements?

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