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I wish to share/pass an IO::Socket::SSL object across Perl threads (5.10.1 & up).

I accept an SSL connection in one thread - it's already open and talking SSL - then hand it off to other already running worker threads. The IO::Socket::SSL object isn't shareable because it's based upon a symbol/glob; shared_clone() etc. fail.

I thought to grab the SSL context and the fileno, which are shareable, then use new_from_fd() to recreate the socket in the worker threads. For example, the listener would do (error checking, etc omitted for simplicity here):

my $sock = $listener->accept();             # Grab the next SSL connection
$sock->peek(...);                           # Peek to see what to do with it...
my $ssl  = $sock->_get_ssl_object();        # Get internal SSL handle
my $ctx  = Net::SSLeay::get_SSL_CTX($ssl);  # Get context

The above gets me the context, which looks to be just a scalar number. In the worker threads, I take this context and the fileno, and do:

my $reborn = IO::Socket::SSL->new_from_fd ($fd,
    PeerAddr      => $ADDR,
    Blocking      => 0,
    ...other non-SSL options...
    SSL_reuse_ctx => $ctx,

I've also tried just IO::Socket::SSL->new(), and variations of fdopen() and open(). They blow-up within the module (line 1343, the isa call) in a way that indicates the context value should be an IO::Socket::SSL or IO::Socket::SSL::SSL_Context object.

I have not found an incantation that works. How can I get a valid context object to pass to IO::Socket::SSL->new_from_fd() so that I can re-instantiate the original socket in the new thread? And, would this even work? Ideas?

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Update: Grrrr... I'm done beating my head against this wall who's name is "Perl threads". I reworked my whole code base to be a select()-based model instead, and I'm movin' on... ;-( I wish the Perl gods had chose a pthreads-like model instead! – user1873301 Dec 20 '12 at 22:04

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