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I'm looking for a possibility to customize my keyboard-keys. In the following picture you can see the result i'd like to reach:

keyboard-key result

Optional: When I multitap on a key, the keyPreview should step through the list of characters of this key (nice to have).

Problem: If I use the label-attribute of a key, the text of the label only appears in the center of a key. But I need to put the A in the top-left-corner, the B to top-middle, etc.). I also tried the keyIcon-Attribute, but then the keyPreview showed only the keyIcon, and not each character, when I multi-tap on the button.

Currently I'm 'designing' my keyboard with <Keyboard ..><Row ..><Key /></Row></Keyboard>-XML, not with a LinearLayout or a similar layout. Maybe I need to switch to a LinearLayout?

Any ideas?

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