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I want to have my Add and Edit forms for a model on the same page. You can see in this screenshot that I'm showing and hiding the 2 forms with JS:

Add and Edit Forms

In the edit form, the user selects an Aircraft ID and it populates the other data with some Ajax.

Currently, I'm rendering the two forms from partials like this:

<!-- Add Aircraft -->
<div id="aircraftmodal-add-content">
  <%= render 'aircrafts/new' %>
<!-- Edit Aircraft -->
<div id="aircraftmodal-edit-content">
  <%= render 'aircrafts/edit' %>

My forms render near-identical content, and I'm hacking around it by giving the Edit form a different ID:

<!-- Add Partial --->
<%= form_for @aircraft, validate: true, remote:true do |air| %>

<!-- Edit Partial -->
<%= form_for @aircraft, :html => { id:'edit_aircraft'}, validate: true, remote:true do |air| %>

Can I somehow use the built-in Rails goodness for handling edits when I'm putting 2 forms together on the same page like this? Will I have to point the Edit form to a different action, or can the usual code handle both?

def create
  @aircraft = current_user.aircrafts.build(params[:aircraft])

I welcome your guidance. :)

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If you about DRY, so what about using locals?

<div id="aircraftmodal-add-content">
  <%= render 'aircrafts/form', :dom_id => "new_aircraft" %>
<!-- Edit Aircraft -->
<div id="aircraftmodal-edit-content">
  <%= render 'aircrafts/form', :dom_id => "edit_aircraft" %>

<!-- Form Partial -->
<%= form_for @aircraft, :html => { id: dom_id }, validate: true, remote:true do |air| %>
   <% if dom_id == "edit_aircraft" %>
     <%= ... select aircraft id ... %>
   <% elsif dom_id == "new_aircraft" %>
     <%= ... input aircraft id ... %>
   <% end %>
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That's a good suggestion. I like that. But how will my create action in my controller know whether a form submission is an add or an edit? – Clifton Labrum Dec 12 '12 at 23:16
If @aircraft is already created then it will call save method. – Łukasz Niemier Dec 12 '12 at 23:22
Just like in a first case. We didn't change anything sensitive. By default, "form_for @aircraft" says that: if @aircraft.new_record? then submit to action => :create with HTTP POST, else if @aircraft.persisted? then submit to action => :update with HTTP PUT. – Valery Kvon Dec 12 '12 at 23:23
Hauleth yout can't (on the right way) use a single action to create and update a object. Use new/create and edit/update actions for CRUD flows. – daniloisr Dec 12 '12 at 23:25

You can use @aircraft.persisted? to know if the aircraft if a new register (new/create actions) or if it's already persisted (edit/update actions).

Using the same form, you dont need to specify the id, Rails already assigns diferent ids 'new_aircraft' and 'edit_aircraft_X', where X is the aircraft id.:

And to to change the select/input_text you can use:

<% if @aircraft.persisted? %>
  <%= select... %>
<% else %>
  <%= input... %>
<% end %>
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I guess the thing I'm not understanding then is if on the edit form, if I'm selecting the Aircraft ID and retrieving its attributes via Ajax, how will @aircraft.persisted? ever be true? The form has already been rendered before I make that Ajax call. – Clifton Labrum Dec 12 '12 at 23:28
You can specify the form id using it. I've updated the answer. – daniloisr Dec 12 '12 at 23:40
When you render form, partial already knows persisted or not @aircraft is and form helper 'form_for' builds the appropriate URL and METHOD. – Valery Kvon Dec 12 '12 at 23:45

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