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I've been writting a small xmas website so people can search for a friends address in street view, then choose a zoom level and decorate their house with xmas ornaments (custom markers that overlay the street view).

Now I have it working perfect in MacOSX. Chrome, Safari and Firefox under MacOSX Lion all render the same way and display what i expect, the issue is that in Windows it only renders correctly in Firefox, in IE9 and Chrome the markers are higher up and spoil the idea of decorating someones home.

Any ideas what could be the issue?? You can witness the problem here:


this is my first google maps implementation and i had to put it together in under a week.. have just detected this bug and would appreciate any help!

You can see how the street view is created here:


This currently doesn´t work in IE8 or below, if anyone knows how I can get it working there too, it would be a appreciated.

Many thanks, Dan

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