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I have a table like:

file   MajorVersion MinorVersion
a      0            1
b      0            1
a      0            2
a      0            3
b      1            0
a      1            0
b      1            1

I would like to get each file's latest version (highest minor version of the highest major version). In this case:

a 1 0
b 1 1

Its seems possible with two joins and group by file, but I thought there maybe a better way. Maybe by use of having?

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Only one join required:

SELECT   file, MajorVersion, MAX(MinorVersion) MinorVersion
FROM     my_table NATURAL JOIN (
  SELECT   file, MAX(MajorVersion) MajorVersion
  FROM     my_table
  GROUP BY file
) t

See it on sqlfiddle.

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Thanks, what would be the best way to do it if the table contained heaps of other fields that were also needed? – Myforwik Dec 13 '12 at 0:34
@Myforwik: In that case, it is best to introduce a second join. – eggyal Dec 13 '12 at 0:38

Two join method is:

select t1.* from `table` as t1
  select `file` , max(`minor`) as `minor` from `table` 
  group by `file` , `major` 
) as t2
on t1.`file` = t2.`file` and t1.`minor` = t2.`minor` and t1.`major` = t2.`major`
select `file` , max(`major`) as `major` , `minor` from `table` 
group by `file`
)  as t3
on t1.`file = t3.`file` and t1.`major` = t3.`major`
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