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I currently believe it is the compiler or the return type that does this but I'm not sure I just need a clarification

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A function signature is matched first by it's name, then by it's arguments. Never by it's return type. For example if you have two methods called Add one taking two int values and returning a int and one taking two string values and returning a string, and you called it passing ints it wouldn't matter what you were setting it to the int version would be called.

Where this can get you in a bit of trouble is when you try method overloading with different numeric values. the compiler will try and help you (if you call a method expecting ints but pass a short it will try and figure out what you are trying to do).

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Yeah, I tripped over that method overloading compiler trying to help you thing in C#. Unfortunately I never really identified a wholly satisfactory solution to the problem. –  Robert Harvey Dec 13 '12 at 0:46

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