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I'm a student and I taught myself what I needed to know to create apps for the app store. I came up with a good idea, and set about building it. I finished the app and uploaded it to iTunes Connect. As I was doing so I decided to check up on what the seller name would be. I wanted to create a Sole Trader company and use marketing etc. to create a small brand. I hoped I would be able to take it from there. However, I have discovered that as I am not a fully fledged company, my name will be displayed as the developer. I don't want this for several reasons. 1) It seems unprofessional to be selling apps under my name (you wouldn't go into a super market and pick up a cake being distributed to the stores by a random cook in his/her kitchen) 2) I cannot create a brand around my name. That has been done successfully very few times. 3) Marketing becomes impossible. I would have to make App-Specific social network pages as opposed to company ones and so on. 4) I am not necessarily comfortable with my name being actively distributed and on top of that, should I want to market the app, I will be giving out my name. 5) People naturally see an app created by an individual developer as poorer quality, causing a decrease in sales or worse reviews (purely because they will see the app as tacky). 6) Any future releases will not benefit from past successes meaning I'm back to square one every time I release a new application.

Now what can someone like me do? I'm not ready to form a private limited company, especially with all the legal requirements and the time delays (I'm in the UK by the way), so what options are there? If I were a partnership, which is similar to a sole trader, would I be able to set a company name then? Or would the seller name be the name of both/all the developers?

This is really getting me down as I would have loved to create a small brand around my company. This seems almost impossible now and all future apps are almost doomed to fail. What options do I, and others like me have? I think this is a very important thing to note for anyone who is hoping to start their own indie development studio.

Thanks for any help,

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A company - by definition - consists of more that a single person. So if you want to have different treatment than Individuals by Apple, that includes not having your Individual name on the store, then you have to form a company.

Companies can either be people-based (e.g. Partnerships) or money-based (e.g. LLC) and Apple requires that you have such a company fully formed and you can document it as such.

My advice to you is to got with the normal Individual account to get started because there are many many more hurdles on your way to app store greatness. The name that shows as seller on iTunes is the least of your problems.

Later on if you are successful you can switch from an Individual to a Company account as I described here: http://www.cocoanetics.com/2011/10/moving-from-individual-to-company/

Long story short: don't worry about perception, or a "brand". Worry about making great software first and foremost.

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Thank you for the answer. The solution to this problem is easier than I had thought. In order to this in the UK, request a DUNS number from dnb.co.uk and apply for one as "Partnership". You don't have to be registered with Companies House to get a DUNS number. Then once you have your DUNS number (approx 10 days) you can upgrade to a company account. –  Mackey18 Dec 13 '12 at 11:18
@Mackey18 , Its a little bit late, but can you tell if your registration as partnership succeeded ? are you registered as a company? if you do , did you provide your personal credit card with your personal name without having problems ? or did it required a company name on the credit card ? thanx. –  bilanbila Jun 22 '14 at 12:20
@user1994291 My registration worked perfectly, and have now been operating since under my company name. Personal information should work as I recall registering as a partnership with D&B. –  Mackey18 Jun 23 '14 at 19:23

You need a D-U-N-S number for your business, to have a company registration for the Apple Developer Programs. You cannot obtain one as a Sole Proprietor, but a partnership should do.

Source, also listing the information you need to get a number: https://developer.apple.com/support/ios/D-U-N-S.html

I suggest that you contact D&B to find out the smallest business option that you need to get a D-U-N-S number, and start from there.

Note: this question is not technical, but I thought it is good to answer it here. After all, this kind of information can be useful for the coders who want to be indie developers.

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