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In continuation of the my previous question, are the any good controls for text diffs visualization?

Something like StackOverflow's revision diff viewer but for WinForms or WPF


  • free, preferably open-source
  • based on WPF or WinForms

No apps please, only components.

I'm not interested in OSS diff tools

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There is (as part of GitSharp) an open source diff engine in c# with a very easy to use API and (as part of GitSharp.Demo) a WPF diff viewer. The code should not be too difficult to extract from the project.

Find more information here: http://www.eqqon.com/index.php/GitSharp#GitSharp.Demo

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might also want to take a look at MeneesDiffUtils. Has a bunch of diff related utils including a visualization control. Full source code provided and is under a license called CharityWare.

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I never heard about a specific .NET component for diff visualization (it's kind a niche), but perhaps you could rely on advanced editor to build your own without too much trouble.

Syncfusion proposes a complete component suite dedicated to text/code edition, with a lot of built in features that you might find useful :

Important note : it is not free.

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