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I want to deserialise a JSON response from a Silverlight client.

I have my DTOs in a Portable Class Library, referenced from both server and client.

public class MyDTOResponse
    public IEnumerable<MyType> ResponseData {get; set; }

When I use the ServiceStack C# client (ie NOT from Silverlight), everything works fine: MyType gets hydrated on the client.

From Silverlight, however ResponseData is null.

Simple types work fine from Silverlight also. For example, this works:

public class MyDTOResponse
    public IEnumerable<string> ResponseData {get; set; }

Note: no annotations on the DTOs.

On the client, I am using:

var serviceClient = new ServiceStack.ServiceClient.Web.JsonServiceClient(baseUri);

My work around is to change the DTOs so they use just simple types, then manually hydrate my business objects on the client.

Can I do better than this?

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Does this help? servicestack.net/docs/text-serializers/json-serializer –  John Dec 29 '12 at 1:06

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Try adding [DataContract] Attribute to the class MyDTOResponse and [DataMember] Attribute to the Property ResponseData

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