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I need to join more than one table. FYI, i'am using codeigniter and mysql. But, when i try to join the tables, it's always return wrong result. I've this code:

function __construct()
    // Call the Model constructor
    $this->table = array(
        'name'      => 'ads',
        'coloumn'   => array(
            'brand_name as ads_title',
            'vehicle_brands.brand_kind as kind',
            'class_name as ads_class',
            'type_name as ads_type', 
            'model_name as ads_model',
            'showroom.showroom_id as showroom_id',
            'showroom.showroom_address as ads_location',
            'stock.showroom_id as showroom_id', 
            'sale_price as ads_price',
            'price_is_nego as nego',
            'stock_title as title',
        'join'  => array(
            0   => array('stock', 'stock.stock_id=ads.stock_id', 'LEFT'),
            1   => array('showroom', 'showroom.member_id=stock.showroom_id', 'LEFT'),
            //2   => array('member', 'member.member_id=showroom.member_id', 'LEFT OUTER'),
            2   => array('stock_image', 'stock_image.stock_id=ads.stock_id', 'LEFT'),
            3   => array('vehicle_brands', 'vehicle_brands.brand_id=stock.brand_id', 'LEFT'),
            4   => array('vehicle_class', 'vehicle_class.class_id=stock.class_id', 'LEFT'),
            5   => array('vehicle_model', 'vehicle_model.model_id=stock.model_id', 'LEFT'),
            6   => array('vehicle_type', 'vehicle_type.type_id=stock.type_id', 'LEFT OUTER'),
            7   => array('kabupaten', 'kabupaten.kabupaten_id=showroom.showroom_city', 'LEFT'),
            8   => array('vehicle_condition', 'vehicle_condition.condition_id=stock.condition_id', 'LEFT'),
            9   => array('propinsi', 'propinsi.propinsi_id=showroom.propinsi_id', 'LEFT'),
            10   => array('vehicle_feature', 'vehicle_feature.fitur_id=stock.features', 'LEFT'),
        'where'     => array(),    
        'order'     => array(),
        'limit'     => array(),
        'idkey'     => 'ads.ads_id',

I know there is something wrong with the constructor, especially with the join. Anyone could help me? I'am stuck and really need help. Thanks in advance.

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Short of guessing what you mean by the wrong result, we might also want to see how you're actually putting that into the query. Not nearly enough information there to give any sort of answer. –  Rick Calder Dec 13 '12 at 2:23
what is the "right" result you're going for? and what comes up? –  kennypu Dec 13 '12 at 2:26

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