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I added a folder to my project in XCode and called it Themes, which will be used to store themes for my iPad app. Under that I have Red,Blue, and so forth.

They show up in XCode. But when I look at the physical folder, there is no Themes directory (and obviously anything under it).

Why not? Where did it go? How can I store images (which may have same names) under different paths (themes)?

Thanks in advance

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XCode does not create "folder", it creates "groups". Groups are logical organization of your files, independent of the file system organization underneath it

If you want to actually have a folder, easiest way would be to create one on the file system first (through Finder), and then drag it to XCode's project navigator. When a confirmation window pops up, leave the default settings ("Copy items into destination" and "Create groups for any added folders")

This will import the folder and all the files in it, however it will not auto-import newly added files to the folder after this (you'd have to manually add them).

If you do want to auto-import newly added files from the file system's folder to this group in XCode, instead of using "Create groups for any added folders", change to "Create folder references to any added folders"

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thank you. I didn't know how that worked. this made it clear. – IIS7 Rewrite Dec 13 '12 at 13:55
While this is technically the easiest way, its still a pain. Xcode really needs an option to create physical folders for created groups – Zayin Krige Apr 18 '13 at 9:06

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