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I'm passing an instance of a model to the cache function and want Rails to use cache_key as the name of the fragment cache:

<% cache @ask do %>
<% end %> 

But instead it uses the ._id modifier:

Exist fragment? views/50c919b646b5001be700002f (0.8ms)
Read fragment views/50c919b646b5001be700002f (0.0ms)

(The id looks like this because i'm using mongoDB). I'm using Rails 3.0.5. Why is this happening?

Edit: i'm using mongoid 2.0.0

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Mongoid Version 2.4.0 introduces the cache_key function: https://github.com/mongoid/mongoid/blob/master/lib/mongoid/document.rb#L242:L246

If you can't upgrade you should be fine by doing this in your mode:

def cache_key
  # insert your cache key logic here
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