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I have a scenario where I am building a series of DIVS and each has an ID assigned in the syntax 'div1', 'div2', etc etc....

the divs all appear fine and I can see their ID's are all assigned properly...

I am trying to use the following code to then allow a click (where the ID is passed) to toggle the display of the corresponding div:

$("#page-wrap li a").click(function(id){
 var thisid = ('#'+$(this).attr('id').toString());

but the error console shows that the getelementbyid has a null value.

what am I missing? I tried forcing the thisid var to a string but that didnt work either.

thanks for any light anyone can shed on this for me.

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You don't use the # id selector with .getElementById(), just the plain id. I would do document.getElementById(this.id).style.display = 'none';. Note how I'm directly accessing the this to get it's id, not $(this).attr('id'). –  Jared Farrish Dec 13 '12 at 3:05
Can we see a bit of the HTML in relation to the anchor and div - I'm not sure I understand the question. Based on what I see, you're trying to get the ID of the anchor, then hide the anchor? –  Syon Dec 13 '12 at 3:05
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Are you mixing jQuery and standard DOM methods?

Something like this should work instead:

Given the markup:

<a href="#someDiv">Hide the div</a>
<div id="someDiv">DIV to be hidden</div>

  e.preventDefault(); // prevents page reload
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sweet.... I managed to hobble together a solution based on your response.... yes, I was indeed mixing standard DOM with jquery (frustrated and throwing a bunch of stuff against the wall in hopes I'd latch onto some clues to see what I was doing wrong)... thanks to all who replied. I really appreciate the help. –  tamak Dec 13 '12 at 3:46
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You seem to be mixing plain dom calls with jQuery. For consistency, try this:

$("#page-wrap li a").click(function(id){
    var thisid = ('#'+$(this).attr('id'));
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Also, the toString() on the second line should not be necessary. Updating answer. –  kahowell Dec 13 '12 at 3:11
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You should not have the same ID on both your <div> and <a> tags. Instead, you can pass the ID of your <div> via data attributes of your anchor:

<div id="div2">this is div2</div>
<a href="#" data-id="div2">click here to hide div2</a>

Then, the click handler will look like this:

$('a').click(function() {
  // $(this).data('id') == "div2"
  return false;
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