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I've got this Service Bus which has messages in it already. Currently I'm creating subscriptions with a SqlFilter - let's say the filter is (myProperty < x).

The problem is that I don't know what x is until the messages are already in the queue. When I have a concrete value for x and make a new subscription (myProperty < 123) I can't use it to receive messages which are already in the queue.

Is there some way to flag a subscription to obtain messages which were in the queue before the subscription was created? I suspect I'll need to switch to a table instead of a bus?

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Messages are filtered when they are received, so a new subscription will not be able to pick up previous messages. A table would probably be best to persist the messages if you want to process them at a later time.

Edit: With version 1.8 of the SDK, you can chain together topics -- so you might be able to create a new topic for the subscription, and send the messages in the existing topic to the new topic. Although that would duplicate messages, it would solve your problem using topics / subscriptions. Watch this video to learn more about the updates for Azure SDK 1.8.

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