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I had an app developed for iphone/ipad running correctly in the ipad. A made the mistake of changing it to universal. After this change the application in the ipad does not work correctly, any event outside the 640×960 original screen of the iphone is not clickable.

My question is, is there any fix other than create two separate views for each screen?


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Hard to say without source. But I suppose you have created a view or window somewhere that is 640x960 pixels (actually 320x480 units) but has clipping (ClipsToBounds == false) off. This means that all subviews will be rendered but might be partially outside of your fixed size parent view. This will prevent gestures being recognized. First thing to check: If you are using Interface Builder, checks that all views have auto resizing masks set properly. If you're creating everything in code, also check the resizing masks there.

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