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I have a large quantity of logging throughout my Delphi code, which often uses Self.ClassName to log the name of the class containing the currently executing code.

I am now compiling some of this code into a Delphi Prism .NET assembly.

However, under Delphi Prism, Self.ClassName now returns "TObjectExtender" instead of the actual classname.


  TMyClass: TObject
    procedure MyProc();

procedure TMyClass.MyProc;
  Log(Format('%s: A log message', [Self.ClassName]));


TMyClass: A log message

when compiled in Delphi XEII, but when compiled in Delphi Prism in VS 2010 outputs

TObjectExtender: A log message

regardless of the actual class containing the running code.

Can anyone suggest a way to get the actual classname in Delphi Prism please?

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To get the name of current class just use

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Awesome, thanks! My googling had turned up almost nothing. –  Conor Boyd Dec 13 '12 at 21:44

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