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I wrote a sample program to fetch all articles. I would like to filter articles based on a category. The categories are rendered in a drop down, how do I fire a AJAX query when I select a category, so that the table refreshes immediately with that selection. Can you provide some references on how to achieve this?

select * from articles where category = <drop down selection>
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Try writing as following:

<%= select_tag :category,options_for_select(:your_collection)%>

 $('#category').bind('change', function() {
   url: your_controller_action,
   data : {category: $('#category').val()}
   success: function(data){                  


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use js to get the category_id $('#category').options[$('#category').options.selectedIndex].value

and then post this value to server by ajax

at server side, you can pass this category_id value into sql select * from articles where category = "#{category_id}"

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