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My code works fine with Android versions above 4 but in Android 2.2 or 2.3 I am unable to detect Any event. Android logs show that service is running but whenever I fire a event its not recognized by Accessibility service. In following code :

public void onAccessibilityEvent(AccessibilityEvent event)
    Log.i("abc","------service running---------");

    final int eventType = event.getEventType();

        case AccessibilityEvent.TYPE_VIEW_CLICKED :
                //do something

I am not able to get Log "------service running---------" also. What am I missing. Is there any changes needed to be made to run the same code on different versions of android.

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You will need to manually specify your service's event and feedback types by setting your service's AccessibilityServiceInfo in onServiceConnected().

Here is an example from TalkBack:

public void onServiceConnected() {
    AccessibilityServiceInfo info = new AccessibilityServiceInfo();
    info.eventTypes = AccessibilityEvent.TYPES_ALL_MASK;
    info.feedbackType = AccessibilityServiceInfo.FEEDBACK_SPOKEN;
    info.notificationTimeout = 0;
    info.flags = AccessibilityServiceInfo.DEFAULT;
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