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I am new to jsf 2.0 and therefore i am facing a serious issue grouping the prime faces datagrid and radio buttons. I am using JSF 2.0-Primefaces 3.3, java 1.6, and running my application on tomcat server on windows operating system.

The issue is grouping data grid and radio button. The following paragraph will describe about an example code:

    public class QuickBill extends BaseManagedBean implements Serializable {
private List<String[]> insurerIDs=null;

public void init(){


private void loadInsurer(){
    logger.info("Entered Load Insurer");
    insurerIDs = new ArrayList<String[]>();

    if (null != insurerList) {
        insurerIDs.add(new String[] {"InsurerID1","Insurer_Name1") });
        insurerIDs.add(new String[] {"InsurerID2","Insurer_Name2") });
        insurerIDs.add(new String[] {"InsurerID3","Insurer_Name3") });
        insurerIDs.add(new String[] {"InsurerID4","Insurer_Name4") });

public List<String[]> getinsurerIDs() {
    return insurerIDs;



The jsf code is as follows:

    <p:dataGrid  var="quickBillVar" value="#{quickBill.insurerIDs}" columns="4" > 
        <p:column selectionMode="single">                              
           <p:selectOneRadio id="options" value="#{quickBill.selectedOption}">                    
          <f:selectItem itemLabel="#{quickBillVar[1]}" itemValue="#{quickBillVar[1]}"/>   
          <p:commandLink id="insurerid"  title="Isurer">
   <p:graphicImage value="../../images/insurers1/#{quickBillVar[0]}.jpg"/>   

The above code when executed results in the display of the radio button, which allows user to select multiple radio button at the same time. However the requirement is to restrict user to select only one button rather than allowing user to select multiple button at a time. I have also used selectionMode="single" to produce the expected output but it didn't help much.

Kindly help me on this or provide me with examples which will overcome this issue.

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I believe the custom layout in this example will help. http://www.primefaces.org/showcase/ui/selectOneRadio.jsf

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You need to include some relevant code. Not just have a link – James A Mohler Oct 18 '13 at 17:26

You can try the below code using Map.

Backing bean code

String selectedInsurer;
Map<String,String> insurerIDs = new LinkedHashMap<String,String>();
insurerIDs.put("InsurerID1", "Insurer_Name1"); //(label, value)
insurerIDs.put("InsurerID2", "Insurer_Name2");
insurerIDs.put("InsurerID3", "Insurer_Name3");
insurerIDs.put("InsurerID4", "Insurer_Name4");
//-- getter & setter 

At front end

<h:selectOneRadio value="#{quickBill.selectedInsurer}">
    <f:selectItems value="#{quickBill.insurerIDs}" />
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Thank you Nayan but the issue is having radio button inside grid control. – Sandeep Das Dec 21 '12 at 5:08
I have been frantically searching for help to select only one radio button in datagrid and deselect the other when a new button is clicked. I do not want to use javascript. Can someone help me on this? – Sandeep Das Jan 3 '13 at 7:53
@SandeepDas There isn't any java-script involved. Have you tried above code, are you encountering any issue with it. – Nayan Wadekar Jan 3 '13 at 10:39

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