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I have a problem with the crystal reports.I have a report in which four tables are bound as source to the tables.In those 4 tables one table database fields are used in the formula fields.When I set that formula field on the report I am getting error this error "Unknown Database Connector Error" in the Preview Report.

Suppose when I remove that field or comment the formula code of that field we are not suppose to get that error.I don't understand that error too.

I have written like this in the formula field

 if{students.name} = "" then

    "Student Name : " + {students.name}

I have googled alot but no use.Can any one help me regarding this ?

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i've not seen the error before. what is your datasource? also that formula looks wrong- i think it should at least be: if {students.name} = "" then "" else "Student Name : " + {students.name} (and make sure you have nulls set to default not except). –  Lee Tickett Dec 13 '12 at 9:28
As said by @LeeTickett try re-writing your formula.. you can try re-writing like this if not {student.name}="" then "Student Name : "+{student.name} –  Hariharan Anbazhagan Dec 13 '12 at 9:47

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If Not(Isnull({students.name})) Then
  "Student Name : " + {students.name}
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Hi craig, I have tried as ou have mentioned but no use.I found a strange thing that I have runned the report in another machine also where I am not getting any error. –  Hemant Kumar Dec 17 '12 at 6:57

I found a solution to install the crystal report for .NET framework 64 bit software.I will be solved :-)

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