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Function SearchField_OnKeyDown()
If window.event.keyCode = 8 Then 
    If window.event.repeat Or Not Em(document.all("SearchField").value) Then
        lBackspaceExits = False
        cBackTimeoutID = window.setTimeout("ResetBackspaceExit()", 600)
    ElseIf lBackspaceExits Then
        lBackspaceExits = False
    End If
ElseIf window.event.keyCode = 13 Or _
       window.event.keyCode = 38 Or window.event.keyCode = 40 Or _
       window.event.keyCode = 33 Or window.event.keyCode = 34 Then 
    SearchField_OnKeyDown = document_onkeydown()
    Exit Function
End If

SearchField_OnKeyDown = True
End Function

can you explain how to convert above function to javascript ? speacialy I need to know how to convert following steps

 window.setTimeout("ResetBackspaceExit()", 600)
 SearchField_OnKeyDown = document_onkeydown()

event.repeat is not working in javascript. return the undefined

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event.repeat indicates, if the key fired the event is pressed continuosly, this is valid JS.

window.clearTimeout() is the same in JS, it clears the timeout assigned to cBackTimeoutID.

The 3rd line needs a little fix:

window.setTimeout(ResetBackspaceExit, 600);

JavaScript syntax you can find at MDN.

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what is the javascript equavalant for event.repeat –  Madura Harshana Dec 13 '12 at 5:31
thank you very much Teemu –  Madura Harshana Dec 13 '12 at 5:53

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