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I need to display the "add to cart button" without choosing default selection values with variations. A customer can select the variable from the dropdown variations and reset the values back and the "single_variation_wrap" should always be visible. I tried to remove "display:none" under variables.php but it didn't do the trick.

Could anyone help?

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This should work:

You can deregister the current add to cart variation Javascript, copy and paste this script into your theme directory and enqeue this new one. Here you can remove the slidedown feature and it will always show.


When woocoomerce push a new release, you will have to check the changlog to see if anything has changed inside add-to-cart-variation.min.js

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I was looking into doing a similar thing so thanks for the answer. Just wondering though, you mention a new add to cart variation script but it's not linked to or included. Any chance you would be able to add a link? –  James O'Neill Aug 11 at 15:30

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