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I encounter a strange behavior of m2e on eclipse:

  1. Clone project from remote git repository
  2. The dir structure showed at project explorer does not have maven natures, only pom.xml at root and packages. No "JRE System Library", no "Maven dependencies". No "src/main/java", only "my.packages.1", "my.packages.2"
  3. I update the project using maven->Update Maven Project. Everything displays well, except one "bin" directory created and the content of bin dir is the same as what i checkout from git.

example: before update maven project:


after update maven project:

bin/  <------ this dir appears after update maven project
bin/.settings/  <----------- contents the same as outside dir

How should I avoid this strange behavior?

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It seems, that before you did the "update project", the bin dir was configured as output directory. Output directories are hidden by default in Eclipse (at least in Package Explorer and Project Explorer). When you configured the project as Maven project, the output directory was changed to target/classes. Your bin folder is now just another folder, which isn't hidden any more.
Since you don't need it anymore, you can safely delete it.

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Thank you for the answer. Is there any ways to set project default to maven project? – dhchen Dec 13 '12 at 7:19
Not that i know. But you can import the project as Maven project, then it will be correctly configured on import. For this, go to the menu File -> Import -> Maven -> Existing Maven projects – dunni Dec 13 '12 at 7:22

It happened to me as well because I excluded the .classpath from the repo in .gitignore. I initially thought there could be some conflicts between windows and linux developers but I was wrong, .classpath should be identical.

If you don't have a .classpath, upon cloning, java builder kicks in and messes things up before maven builder recreates a clean .classpath.

Conclusion, commit and push the .classpath and this does not happen anymore.

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