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I am trying to build a search application using ExtJS. I have created dummy form to search for personal details. I have a php script connected to mysql DB. I am able to pass form parameters to php and able to get the return result in msg box. but I am not understanding how to pass it to store and display the same in grid in MVC. I have tried to pass the return data of php to store and then called Grid (List.js) in controller. still did not work. I have shown all the codes that i have used to do this.Another doubt which i have, is that essential to use proxy part of code (i.e url:app/scripts/Info.php) in both store and onSearchButtonClick function in controller? as I can directly pass the return values to store from onSearchButtonClick function, I hope it is not essential to connect php script in both places. However, it would be really nice experts clarify this.

Following is my store:

Ext.define('', {
    extend: '',
    model: 'App.model.Info',
    alias: 'widget.infostore',
    pageSize : 50,
    autoLoad : false,
    remoteFilter: true,
    proxy   :{
            type    : 'ajax',
            url     : 'app/scripts/Info.php',
            reader  : {
                    type    : 'json',
                    root    : 'result',
                    successProperty : 'success'
 listeners: {
     load : function(store) {
         store.each(function(record) {

My model looks perfect, simply to reduce somuch code I havent put here

Here is my grid:

Ext.define('' ,{
extend: 'Ext.grid.Panel',
alias : 'widget.infolist',
store : 'Info',
initComponent: function(){
    this.columns = [
            {header:'Address', dataIndex:'address'},
            {header:'Contact', dataIndex:'contact'}


This is what my php script returns:

{'success':true, 'result':{'pid':'100','name':'Suman','address':'Bangalore','contact':''}}

Here is controller:

Ext.define('App.controller.Info', {
    extend: 'App.controller.Base',
    models: ['Info'],
    stores: ['Info'],
    views: [
    refs: [{ref: 'info',selector: 'info'}],
    init: function(){
            console.log('Main controller init');
                            click: this.onSearchButtonClick
            var form = Ext.getCmp('ppanel');
                            waitMsg: 'Searching...', 
                            method: 'POST',
                            url: 'app/scripts/Info.php',
                            params: {
                                    searchData: Ext.encode(form.getValues())
                            success: this.onSearchSuccess,
                            failure: this.onSearchFailure
    onSearchSuccess: function(response){
            var gData = Ext.JSON.decode(response.responseText);
            //var grid = Ext.widget('infolist');  //not working -need help
            //Ext.getCmp().setActiveItem('infolist');  //not working-need help
            //this.getViewport().getLayout().setActiveItem('infolist'); //not working need help
            Ext.MessageBox.alert("XXXXX",response.responseText); //works
    onSearchFailure: function(err){
            Ext.MessageBox.alert('Status', 'Error occured during searching...');

I hope I have provided required information to understand the problem. Looking forward some sort of help.

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You have provided too much information, try to reduce the problem space so that someone can quickly understand and solve your problem. – akjoshi Dec 13 '12 at 6:33

The problem is that you have two instances of the store, one in grid and one in controller. If you want a single instance store (like it seems you want) you have two options:

  1. Add it to your application
  2. Assign a storeId to your store definition.

(if you already added that store to your application, ignore the above text)

Or, better yet, do not work directly with the store but with your grid, like this:

First add a ref to your view->grid in your controller:

refs: [{ref: 'info',selector: 'info'},{selector:'infolist', ref:'infoGrid'}]

And then, in your onSearchSuccess handler, instead of calling: this.getInfoStore().load(gData); you should call: this.getInfoGrid().getStore().loadData(gData);

BTW: this.getInfoStore().load(gData); will never load an array of data or a record, for that you should use: this.getInfoStore().loadData(gData);

Hope this gets you in the right track.

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