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I've two models say "Page" and "Product" Product's PageID refers to Page's ID

and in my Product Index View, I need to get the Page list as a drop-down, for that I'm using

public ViewResult Index()
   var products = _db.Products.Include(p => p.Page);
            return View(products.ToList());

But what I need is only those pages whose PageGroup property has a value 'Product'. for that I used

public ViewResult Index()
    var products = _db.Products.Include(p => p.Page.PageGroup
    return View(products.ToList());

It's giving an error as follows:

The Include path expression must refer to a navigation property defined on the type. Use dotted paths for reference navigation properties and the Select operator for collection navigation properties. Parameter name: path

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instead of

var products = _db.Products.Include(p => p.Page.PageGroup.Contains(PageGroup.Product.ToString()));

you want something like this.

var products = _db.Products.Include(p => p.Page).Where(p => p.Page.PageGroup.Contains(PageGroup.Product.ToString());

You may have to include some more sub properties (like PageGroup) to check your actual condition, but I can't say for sure without knowing more about your data model.

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