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My application is a simple desktop UI in wpf , i want to run it always in maximized state so i provided ResizeMode=NoResize , still it's get shrink when user drags holding on title bar how can i prevent this my xaml looks like this

<Window x:Class="GUI.MyScreen"
    Title="MyScreen" Height="Auto" Width="Auto" WindowState="Maximized" 
            ResizeMode="NoResize" MouseUp="Window_MouseUp">

any help will be appreciated Thanks in advance

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If you just set ResizeMode="NoResize", then the window can be resided by double click. I'm not sure if you can resize it by dragging mouse. dragging just moves the window.
anyway, You can set WindowStyle="None".

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yes i got that thanks Ron –  Prasad Dec 13 '12 at 8:50

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