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Please see the attached image i want to create label in iOS, can anyone help me on this First latter is big and other one are small like news paper style.

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HI IosDev: Are you getting the Solution? if yes Please share this. i also want to same thing..Thanks –  Hardik Gajjar Dec 24 '12 at 13:07

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this isn't something that you can easily do with a UILabel. If the text is static, you could make 2 UILabels, one for the first letter, and one for the rest of the text. Another option is to make a webview and create an html file that you load locally in your project. In that file you can format the text with HTML/CSS (might be overkill). Another good solution would be TTTAttributedLabel which will allow you to do different colors and formatting in one label.

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I got the solutions from below link..


Have a look Enjoy... :-]

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