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Is it possible to set and retrieve default values in an XML hierarchy.

        <region-NA> <!-- can we set a default at this level, if userId is NOT 123, it should return this default -->

For example, if I want to retrieve commission-rate.region-NA, it should return the default (say 5), but commission-rate.region-NA.userId-123 should pull 9 as the value.

Also, is using XML tags like this recommended or I should be using named attributes (e.g.

Thanks in advance.

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For your first question:

XML document on its own does not contain any default values. It just contains the values that the document contains. Everything else is undefined.

For your second question:

Please see: How should you structure your xml file?

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Got your point. What I mean is - Is it possible to set anything as default at the tag <region-NA>, or I need to include an element like <default>5</default> –  Swapnil Dec 13 '12 at 7:54
That is all up to you, there is no "default" you can set inside the XML document. So it's likely that you will create your own element like <default>5</default> to carry your wished default value. –  hakre Dec 13 '12 at 7:58

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