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I recently shifted from GoDaddy to Amazon Route 53. All seems good. But for some reason, Android browsers are not able to access www.mydomain.com.

I have no issue on other phones and desktop devices. Any pointers ? It has been well over 48 hours. So, I am guessing the name server change should have been propagated.

Another important observation is that anything other than www for the domain seems to work.

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In your position I would compare the queried DNS information on an Android device with the expected result. I think there apps which could do a DNS lookup (or write a small one your self which simply prints the IP for mydomain.com on logcat). Then you can see if it is a DNS problem ore something else. Also does this problem occur an multiple Android devices across carriers? From the top of my head this could also be caused by unsusual long caching of DNS results in the device (would be a device specific bug) or some strange behaviour in the carrier network at least here in Germany many carriers route all HTTP traffic through transparent proxies. If they cache the DNS results too long or do something else strange this would be carrier specific.

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