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I have the following table

Region, Date, Sale,dayNo(0 if not a working day, else a num between 1- 20)

I can get the number of working days and and sale between any given dates using a query as follow,

SELECT     Region, SUM(Sales) AS Sales, COUNT(distinct case when DayNo > 0 then Date else null end) AS WorkingDays
FROM         saleTable
where Date between '2012-10-01' and '2012-10-30' 

The Problem is for a given date

  1. I want to have the total sale value (from the first of month to date) and no of working days (which can be achieved from the previous query)
  2. I want to have the total sale value for the previous month for date where no of working days equals to the no of working days of query 1.

For example if region 2 has sales of 1000$ and working day count as 20 for the date 2012-10-25, I want to get the sale of 9th month where no of working days become 20.

If I can get a output where result is grouped by region, and no of working days, I can join the two results from region and working Days. How can I solve this problem,

The Expected Output for the date 2012-10-20

Region|Working Days|This Month Sales|Previous Month Sale | 

 1 ---------15----------------500000------------------4500000 

the Previous month sale should be taken between the dates where the no of working days becomes 15

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1. Watch out for your accept rate. 2. Can you update your question with the expected two outputs in table format by appending that to your question? –  bonCodigo Dec 13 '12 at 7:11
You would do well to create an sqlfiddle for this and post the link in your question along with expected output –  Bohemian Dec 13 '12 at 7:47
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