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I am using lucene.net. I am writing a code which should index back the same folder after a certain duration. How do I re-index if already contents in that folder were indexed? Say I indexed 4 docs. And after 5 mins still there is no change in any of document then how to manage this scenario? Also I want to know If one of the files was updated recently then how do I only REINDEX back that file by replacing or deleting the older index of same?

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Simply store the timestamp of each file, or a CRC somewhere (IE a database).

You then crawl your filesystem and update only files that changed using IndexWriter.UpdateDocument() ,you add new files using IndexWriter.AddDocument() and delete files that no longer exist using IndexWriter.DeleteDocument().

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alright.. so what I was thinking is right! You need to use DATABASE or something additional! –  Mandy Dec 13 '12 at 16:12

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