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I am trying to create a second level dropdown. I successfully created first level dropdown but bit stuck in making it level 2. Please assist me to complete it..

and also please explain me what mistake I am doing that I cant get the second level dropdown even the css part is good (I think so)

EDIT: I know there are many tutorials on dropdown css. But I want to know why this is not working.

Here is the link to jsbin


<ul id="nav">
    <ul id="subNav">
    <li>x details<li>
      <li>y details</li>

  <li>About Us
    <ul id="xSubNav">
      <li>About company
          <li>full information</li>
      <li>About Author</li>





ul#nav li li

ul#nav li ul



ul li li{color:black;}

ul li li:hover

ul li li:hover li   /* level 2 dropdown part */
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Here is solution with your code

Just add the below css:

ul ul li { position:relative;}
ul ul li ul { position:absolute; display:none; left:0px; top:0px;}
ul ul li:hover ul { display:block;}
ul#nav li li li {display:block;}

Check this working fiddle

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The problem is the specificity of CSS rules. Just add #nav to the last three rules, to not get overridden by the first ones.

ul#nav li li{color:black;}

ul#nav li li:hover

ul#nav li li:hover li

And I think some other tuning is needed, but that's the idea.

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yup, working.. Thanks for the explanation.. Anyway to remove the space between the li when hovered for second level dropdown? – Mr_Green Dec 13 '12 at 7:27

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