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Is there any way i can nullify all $this variables without assigning null line by line?

   public function refresh(){

The unset does not work..

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You can't unset($ths) while you're in $this; otherwise you'd end up nowhere.

$this->propertyA = $this->propertyB = $this->propertyC = NULL;
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why you want to do this? simple unset your instance of the class you are working with, and everything inside is gone

$a = new SomeClass();
$a->someVar = "1";
$a->someOtherVar = "2";

but don't forget to create a new instance, if you want to continue $a However, this will reset all values to their default value set in the property definition:

foreach (get_class_vars(get_class($this)) as $name => $def){ 
  $this->$name = $def;
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You can try looping through each field and unset them one by one. Like this:

    function refresh() {
       foreach($this as $key => $value) {

NOTE: I can't test it now this code is untested.

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a class is not an array in terms of access. – dognose Dec 13 '12 at 7:35
Opps ... mistake there. – NawaMan Dec 13 '12 at 7:41

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