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I want to create i NFC tag for r skype call by my phone doesn't recognise it (nokia lumia 920). This is how my ndef record looks like when is read by phone. Is there something wrong with it?

 Sp sub-record No.1
 MB:1; ME:0; CF:0; SR:1; IL:0;
 Type: wkt:U
 Uri: skype:dd?call
 Sp sub-record No.2
 MB:0; ME:0; CF:0; SR:1; IL:0;
 Type: wkt:T
 Language: en
 Encoding: UTF-8
 Text: dd
 Sp sub-record No.3
 MB:0; ME:1; CF:0; SR:1; IL:0;
 Type: wkt:act

P.S. if it is read by android device for example is it gonna work

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Did the same test and indeed the Windows Phone doesn't recognize the tag. Having a well-known type URI with the 'skype:dd?call' part also results in a message stating there is no app on the phone. After a search in the Store, now app could be find by the store itself.

A normal SmartPoster record is detected without any problem, same goes for other well-known type URI records.

Tested the same tag on a Android device (4.1.2) and the tag application pops up. In the tag application, I can select Skype which starts Skype to make the call.

Update: Just tested the URI via a webpage with the code supplied by Skype on But this has the same result, no app found on the phone nor an application found in the Store.

Your Ndef-message is correct.

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so this ndef record is correct then – See Sharp Dec 13 '12 at 11:13
thanks mate i appreciate your help – See Sharp Dec 13 '12 at 13:24

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