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What would be the absolute fastest possible way to write a string to the standard/console output on Windows? I'm interested in the solution for both null- and non-null-terminated strings.

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If this is where your bottlenecks are, high-five to you. – Austin Salonen Sep 6 '09 at 12:38
I'm guessing he's writing 100 lines per second and that would slow your main program loop down... – Davy Landman Sep 6 '09 at 13:05
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WriteConsole is pretty much the fastest you can get. It's still inter-process call to win32csr (on Windows 7 it's different, but it is still IPC) using LPC, so don't expect performance to be something surprising.

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2nd on the WriteConsole answer, you can write the entire screen in one call; but also 2nd on what Austin says: having ultrafast console output as a requirement for an application sounds a bit strange to me. Anyway if it's really a bottleneck, maybe use some kind of logging system and provide actual logging to the console a seperate thread?

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