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I am in the finishing stages of my first app! And i encountered a problem that a few months ago i didn't foresee. I used my friend's app developer account to get started with xcode and never signed up for my own, but i dont want his account to be tangled with all the application updates and what not. So basically, my question is: Is there any easy way to transfer the application from one apple developer account to another? Thanks in advance for any advice/answers.

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The official answer is No. From the iTunes Connect FAQ:

Apple currently don't offer any way to transfer individual applications from one developer account to another.

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Is it possible to drag all the old files into a new project with a different account linked to it? because thats what im planning on doing in a few days. –  nfoggia Dec 13 '12 at 17:43

No, there isn't. The only way is to submit your app using a different bundle identifier because iTunes won't let you use the bundle identifier of an existing app.

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