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I wrote a python app which transfers files via sockets to a server. It always works, but my question is: is that a good way to transfer files from desktop client to server via sockets? How, for example, do Google Drive or Dropbox desktop clients syncronize files (as I know for already existent files GD client sends only changes, like rsync), but what about new files?

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Clients usually upload files via HTTP-POST. This even applies to when the client sends only the changes. Here's an example on how to POST a file with Python.

The only benefit of using a socket is for the server to asynchronously contact the client, for example so that it can inform the client of a file it should download, as DropBox etc. do.

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Thank you, for your response, but can I resume or pause uploads using POST? –  Sever Dec 14 '12 at 5:01
Good question, all the Python libraries I'm familiar with are designed to make uploads simple, and don't provide pause/resume functionality. So you'd have to implement the POST yourself, by adding pause/resume to your favorite library's source code. –  Yusuf X Dec 14 '12 at 10:21

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