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I'm trying to generate a per-sourcefile macro that will hold the base file name of the source file. This is described for make here.

I tried to override the Object builder, but it didn't work... I tried to do what is described here.

def my_object_builder(env, target, source, **kwargs):
    """A builder that calls the Object builder, with the addition of defining
    a macro that holds the source file's basename  
    if SCons.Util.is_List(source):
        if len(source) > 1:
            raise ValueError('cannot pass a list of sources to Object builder: %s',
                             [str(x) for x in source])
            source, = source

    if 'CPPDEFINES' not in kwargs: 
        kwargs['CPPDEFINES'] = []

    ret = env._Object(target=target, 
    return ret

Then, replacing the builders:

env['BUILDERS']['_Object'] = env['BUILDERS']['Object'] 
env['BUILDERS']['Object'] = my_object_builder

This didn't work. I got the following error:

AttributeError: 'function' object has no attribute 'src_suffixes'

I think it has to do with something with Environment's MethodWrapper, but I couldn't verify.

Maybe I'm going for this from the wrong angle. Maybe I should change the environment for each source file (seems like a lot of work...)

The main requirement is that the usage will be seamless. I don't want users to have to call a MyObjectBuilder class. Also, the StaticLibrary Builder should call the new Object builder.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!


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Found it. It's a one liner...


Just adding a define which is rule based. The quotes are just an addition to be able to printf it without strigifying the expression.

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