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I was trying out the ToDo sample and ran into an unhandled Excaption while trying out the Concurrency Handling.

The dataservice.js contains these lines in saveFailed(error) method:

if (detail && detail.ExceptionType.indexOf('OptimisticConcurrencyException') !== -1) {
        // Concurrency error 
        reason =
            "Another user, perhaps the server, may have deleted one or all of the todos.";
        manager.rejectChanges(); // DEMO ONLY: discard all pending changes

The client never gets to this point due to an unhandled OptimisticConcurrencyException in:

    public SaveResult SaveChanges(JObject saveBundle) {
        return _contextProvider.SaveChanges(saveBundle);

I was trying to catch this and return the Exception which was kind of stupid as the Exception is not of type SaveResult. Is this a bug or am i missing an configuration somewhere?


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Any server side errors should be returned to the handler. i.e.

em.saveChanges().then(function(saveResult) {
   // normal path

}).fail(function(error) {
   // your concurrency exception message will be part of the error object. 
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That is what i want to do but i am not getting this far. In Debug Mode in Visual Studio the execution is halted and i get a windows with Exception unhandled by User code. On my test-server i get (Fiddler) 500 : {"$id":"1","$type":"System.Web.Http.HttpError, System.Web.Http","Message":"An error has occurred."} No error Type. This might be a configuration error, i dont know (Windows Server 2012). I am thankful for any advice. – Sascha Herrmann Dec 13 '12 at 9:17
One problem persists. In debug on localhost i get the full JSON with ExceptionMessage, ExceptionType and StackTrace. Deploying the project as Release on the test-server gives me the JSON from my above comment when provoking ConcurrentException. – Sascha Herrmann Dec 13 '12 at 13:26

Error on my side here... Clicking 'Continue' on the Exception Windows in VS the javascript handler is executed.

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