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How can I remove a desktop shortcut by Innosetup? It's created by previous version and not needed anymore. I tried delete it in [InstallDelete]

Type: files; Name: {userdesktop}\Shortcut Name

and delete the file in "ssInstall" of CurStepChanged event handler

DeleteFile(ExpandConstant('{userdesktop}\Shortcut Name'));

But they don't work. Any suggestion is appreciated!

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You can remove all old icons from previous versions safely using this method: – rogerdpack May 5 '14 at 23:29
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Either option will work, but there are a couple of considerations.

1) You'll either need to use {userdesktop} or {commondesktop} depending on whether the shortcut was installed for a specific user or for all users.

2) You'll need to make sure to add the .lnk extension to the shortcut name.

So this will probably work:

DeleteFile(ExpandConstant('{userdesktop}\Shortcut Name.lnk'));
DeleteFile(ExpandConstant('{commondesktop}\Shortcut Name.lnk'));


Type: files; Name: "{userdesktop}\Shortcut Name.lnk"
Type: files; Name: "{commondesktop}\Shortcut Name.lnk"
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Ah, that's worked, thank you so much! – trudger Sep 6 '09 at 14:33

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