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I'm hoping to do a very common task which is to never delete items that I store, but instead just mark them with a deleted flag. However, for almost every request I will now have to specify deleted:false. Is there a way to have a "default" filter on which you can add? Such that I can construct a live_items filter and do queries on top of that?

This was just one guess at a potential answer. In general, I'd just like to have deleted=False be the default search.


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In SQL you would do this with a view, but unfortunately MongoDB doesn't support views.

But when queries which exclude items which are marked as deleted are far more frequent than those which include them, you could remove the deleted items from the main items collection and put them in a separate items_deleted collection. This also has the nice side-effect that the performance of the collection of active items doesn't get impaired by a large number of deleted items. The downside is that indices can't be guaranteed to be unique over both collections.

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I went ahead and just made a python function that combines the specified query:

def find_items(filt, single=False, live=True):
  if live:
    live = {'deleted': False}
    filt = dict(filt.items() + live.items())
  if single:
    return db.Item.find_one(filt)
    return db.Item.find(filt)
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