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I have to design an application or feature for the following case:

I have to implement recording feature so I need a Recorder class the recording can have many formats like WAVE,MP3 and so on.

The Recorder class contains some properties and among these properties I have a format property and based on that I have to save the record data like if the format is PCM i need to save according to that format and if I have MU format I need to save record data according to MU format.

I also want to have classes only responsible for saving for example WAVEPCMRecordSaver for saving WAVE type PCM format recording.

Any guidelines how should design this feature ?

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Consider investing in a design patterns tome. As well as TGOF, there are some that deal specifically with C# (amazon.co.uk/3-0-Design-Patterns-Judith-Bishop/dp/059652773X/…). –  Robbie Dee Dec 13 '12 at 9:20

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A decent set of Strategies and appropriate Factories should help solve this problem.

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