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Facebook plugin

Whenever I have "OG: Type 'website'", the facebook debug linter comes back with

Error Linting URL: An internal error occurred while linting the URL.

Link to debug

If I change 'website' to 'blog' in plugins/facebook/open-graph-protocol.php, it works. It just doesn't like 'website'. Not sure why the default type of 'website' from the official facebook plugin doesn't work on my site.

Thanks guys, spent a few late nights (5am last night, 4am tonight) playing around with OG. -Matt

ps. This all lead from when I post, it goes to my group wall, but on my timeline it shows under "Recent activity - Molson published test on ShotgunMyFerrari.com." but not on my personal wall.

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It has something do with with the URL and the debugger is coming back with Response Code: 206. I made a dev site local on my computer and used LocalTunnet to port it out to the web, and the debugger worked. So I know the wordpress theme and code is correct. Really stumped on this one. – Molson Boiteau Dec 14 '12 at 4:23

I also faced similar problem on my site, but i had an object created in my facebook app by the name "website".

I had to manually change the og:type to myAppName:website in the plugin file plugins/facebook/open-graph-protocol.php and it works.

But still wondering why the default thing did not work. Can anybody throw some more light on the issue?

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