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The problem I have is that quite a few of my Developers are not writing the bare minimum design documentation we need. Well those that do get frustrated that fellow Developers are not hunting it down in TFS/SharePoint and reading it.

I have tried all the normal ways to get this done yet the usual complains are made (ones I made when a newbie developer) including of course; "Oh really sorry, yet really busy. I wrote some comments in the code. Will that do?".

Rather than fighting a problem head on that I understand, and have some limited sympathy for, I though there might be something available to help me out.

So does anyone know of a Visual Studio Extension for creating a special purpose documentation folders in Visual Studio Projects and the Solution. I am thinking of something with a bit of smarts that can load documents from TFS, SharePoint, or anywhere reachable, and show them in the Solution and Projects using a special custom folder (a bit like the Property folder does). It should be able to store any document type and open them for view/edit with the correct application. Some other extra smarts could include; automatically setting doc properties based on solution and project, 'mail-merging' properties changes, bi-directional reference links to code, triggering TFS policy settings if not updated when associated work item requires this, etc.

If this is available I would make all Projects and Solutions include it when created and then my dev's would have fewer excuses for not reading/writing documentation. (I suppose it is a compromise with going for full literate programming... witch doesn't work well in a C# style language anyway.)

I would implement this myself, but well I'm actually a bit to busy write now... So I guess this could be an opportunity for someone with a bit of time on their hands and likes a challenge where the result is something that would make a lot of us Architects and Team Leaders much happier ...

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I think you'll be hard pressed to find anything like that. I'd suggest that instead of trying to put a bandage over your symptoms, which is all the tool would do, you instead do what you know you need to and tackle the root cause, being the motivation and communication problems. –  Richard Banks Jul 2 '13 at 0:15

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For Storage :

I suggets you to create new Team Project specific for your docs (Different of your code source for ensure that you don't increase your bandwith) You can access in your Source Control in order to visualize easily.

For Generating doc :

For your source code, you can use Ghost Doc, it generate comment on your solution with just shortcut, but you must define template for all items. You can use custom activity, based on InvokeProcessActivity in order to automate process

link : http://submain.com/products/ghostdoc.aspx

For generate word, pdf doc, you can use Sandcastle or Doxygen compoment

link : http://sandcastle.codeplex.com/

link : http://www.stack.nl/~dimitri/doxygen/

Remark ; if you want follow docs dev, i suggest you to create workitem dedicated for doc, and ensure that your team attach file with check in, it's solution recomended with small cost. For this insert check In Policy

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