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class Test:
   def call():
 def callMethod1():
 def callMethod2():
var methodName='Method1'

I want to invoke callMethod1 or callMethod2 in call() using "call"+methodName(). i.e, in php we do call any member using Test->{"call".methodName}() How can I achieve this in python without eval() method.

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class Test:
   def call(method):
      getattr(Test, method)()

   def method1():

   def method2():

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You can use getattr on the class to get the method. I'm not sure how exactly to integrate it into your code, but perhaps this example will help:

def invoke(obj, methodSuffix):
    getattr(obj, 'call' + methodSuffix)()

x = Test()
invoke(x, 'Method1')

But you will have to add self as the first argument to your methods first.

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You should clean up your sample code, the indentation is broken and you don't have self on the methods.

Use getattr(self, "call"+methodName)(). Also the call method shouldn't be a staticmethod as it will need to access the class to call the other methods.

class Test:
    def __init__(self, methodName):
        self.methodName = methodName

    def call(self):
        return getattr(self, "call" + self.methodName, "defaultMethod")()

    def callMethod1(self): pass
    def callMethod2(self): pass
    def defaultMethod(self): pass

t = Test("Method1")
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