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i have a button in an usercontrol.

  <asp:Button ID="btnCompare" CssClass="new_btn" runat="server"
  Text="Compare" />

i need to call a click event of a button which is in another aspx page on "btnCompare" button click.

is it possible ?

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I would recommend redirecting to the other page with myPage.aspx?compare=true and on the page load check the query string, if it is set to true then call the same function that is called from your btnCompare click event? –  ThePower Dec 13 '12 at 9:31
Is the button on the same page as the UserControl is, or it is on another page? –  VahidND Dec 13 '12 at 9:36

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Check this link. Capture-Button-s-Click-Event-of-User-Control

It may help you.

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Arif, u can keep that event handler in a js file, which u can used in both the files, or in any file.

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Yes it is possible. You can try achieve this with javascript event handling

Edit: From my understanding you are trying to click a button on a page in which the user control also placed.

Usually what I do is invoke a JavaScript event from user control that actually fires the page button click.

Example Code In Page.aspx

 function FirePageLevelOkButton(){
  var okButton= document.getElementById('<%=btnOk.ClientID %>');
   okButton.click(); // if you have ok button in page you can fire click, 
     //this will execute codebehind code

In User Control

   <asp:Button ID="btnCompare" CssClass="new_btn"  runat="server"  
    OnClientClick="javascript:FirePageLevelOkButton();" Text="Compare" />

Hope this would help you!

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